Stonelight - Movement 1

Stone light

Movement 1

the little moon
       the little moon that starved so long in the brass box
       the little moon
who only eyes of dream can see

—that one—

who lay so long
sunk in a chilly abyss beyond the reach of conscious fire
she has summoned me to leave the daylight realm

cold stars swirl and drown in the black sea that must be crossed

on a winter's night
first passing the lava bone brain forest of an inner deep
I set out

            she keeps her dark face forever turned to dark
            she stands behind ripped clouds
            hanging from the proscenium arch of night
            peeking in at the living world
            aching with light

on a winter night we set out on that terrible journey
     through the larvae brain bone forest
           over sunk stars sparkling beyond reach

only eyes of dream can gather the crystals—the frozen
shipwrecked treasures from which the moon was born.