To Ram

To Ram

when you came
and the sea was night
oh come
be with me always
o Boat—night and day at sea
your touch
at last I speak

laughing at me
because you are kind
my heart can grow
because you love me
I do not need to know tonight

the foghorns hare aroused me
from the dream
I drift on
away from sleep
away from sleep
in you—in me

o Earth
living constellations
and dark
and the blissful
the murmur of your holy name
awakening in my heart at last
o joy

the fulfillment of my deepest

perhaps I can never return
my way is with you
if I cannot reach you tonight
streets and bushes
let me be
I will sing and die
waves on the shore
the end of the sea

if you touch me
o Ram
make me mad
your love is enough
so empty
so night

be still
Cloud of Dancing
you do love me
that is enough

stairs of stone
of wood
of waves
and laughter  skyward
as though I die
telling me

be at home my child
my darling, my earth and look for me
I am here behind every guise
garlanded by Love’s bitter-sweet tears